The best apps that everyone should download to their phones

Currently, the app market is increasing daily with over 2 million apps and new platforms are turning up daily. We have been got used to such options as Facebook and Google Maps while there are a huge variety of other apps as well. There are some less known apps providing real value. This article is going to provide you with some surprising options that you can download for your own convenience. 


It would be annoying if people post videos recorded while their smart phones were being held vertically. More precisely, this reduces the image quality and makes the picture look smaller. If you are the one who often holds your smart phone vertically while recording a video, this is an application for you. Regardless of how you hold your device, it can help you record the video in landscape view.

Sleep Cycle Power Nap

All naps do not last in an equal time. According to studies, a short and quick nap is better than a long sleep within the middle of the day. This app can help users avoid oversleeping thanks to playing a gentle alarm when the suitable length of time has passed. What is more, there is also a recovery nap mode and a single sleep cycle mode by which users can go through a full sleep cycle without accidentally waking up.

Paper Karma

Nowadays, it is not difficult at all to keep spam mails out of your inbox. The case does not apply to the paper junk mails. Finally, we have had an ideal app that can help solve the issue. Thanks to Paper Karma, users just need to snap a photo of whatever unwanted mail they get. After that, the app can automatically the sender to have you removed from their list of receivers.

Nu Skin TR90

If you hope to control your weight more effectively, Nu Skin TR90 app is what you should download. It is able to help you track your waistline, your food intake and record your exercise activities as well.


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