The most highly-recommended apps for your phones

Sleep Talk Recorder

If you have been told that you talk while sleeping and do not believe, you can download this incredible application. The app only triggers when it detects if there is any sound, so you do not need to play back a whole long recording. You would be surprised by what you said in your sleep.

Action Movie FX

This interesting platform will allow users to add cool special effects to their videos when they record them. Users are able to quickly add a little more excitement such as a missile strikes to car crashes to their videos easily and quickly with their smart phones. If they are willing to pay a little additional fee, they can download a lot of other funny effects too.


It is no longer ideal to write down your to-do lists onto paper. Thanks to the Any.Do application, everything you should do can be accessed more quickly and easily. There is a feature called Moment by which users can view what they have to do immediately. They do not need to be worried if they have forgotten to do something.


Nothing is worse than missing an important part of a film as you need to use the bathroom immediately. Thanks to RunPee, you can solve this problem. You only need to turn on the application when the movie starts and tell it what movie you are watching and it will send notifications to you to the optimal times to go.

Walk Up Alarm Clock

If you get bored with oversleeping from hitting snooze at all times, you should download this application right now. When the alarm sounds, it will not stop until you have walked at least 10 steps. You can change the number of steps to up to 100 so you can make sure that the app will work no matter how deep a sleep you are in.

Radar Scope

The final app in this article is Radar Scope, by which users can get to know the best and most updated radar views around the world. If you hope to know more clearly about the weather, this app is specifically designed for you.


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