Advanced Download Manager

Advanced Download Manager is one of the most famous download managers for Android. It offers a clean UI, plenty of functionality, and support for all types of neat things. Some of the features are simultaneous downloads, support for SD cards, speed management, and support for very large files. You also get a widget along some additional, more power-user friendly functionality and it’s also free with ads.

There is nothing more complaining than finding a download breaking only seconds before its completion. Advanced Download Manager store you from this frustration through its resume capability. Furthermore, it lets you pause an active download in case you need the bandwidth for another online task and then resume it once the bandwidth becomes free. Do remember that the effectiveness of this feature depends heavily on the website that you’re downloading a file from.

Advanced Download Manager helps downloading of media content from pretty much every website but YouTube, which is protected by Google rules. The app scans the website for video or audio content, and waits for nothing more than a mere command to begin transferring it to your device.

Advanced Download Manager supports interception of links from the browser and clipboard, taking over your downloads to make sure that the process completes swiftly and smoothly.

The app even lets you schedule downloads aside from queuing them, thus offer further convenience and making it simpler for you to manage your data plan. Want to control your bandwidth consumption even more effectively? Advanced Download Managers allows you to do that simply. Fast and smart algorithms are defined for downloading files. The app comes equipped with a fairly simple but pretty light integrated web browser. This is particularly helpful when resuming an interrupted download. Even if you’re not in a mood to ditch your current web browser, the app doesn’t act like a spoil sport. It helps a number of browsers, including Android stock browser, Chrome, Boat and Dolphin.

Advanced Download Manager can support downloading of big files up to 5GB. Anything larger than that will send you searching for an alternative download manager


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