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Download Accelerator Plus is a great video downloader application, in spite of its lack of optimization profiles. Download Accelerator Plus helps it simple to download your favorite videos from the internet. You can also convert downloaded files into some of the most popular video and audio formats. This video downloader software saves all your downloads and organizes them by category, or you can create custom organization filters.

It is easy to start a download with this software – what you need do is just copy and paste a video URL into the program, and it downloads the raw file to your computer. Download Accelerator Plus also offers you the option to download all the videos your YouTube search produces. After you enter a video’s URL, the download starts in a separate window. Moreover, it also allows you to download more than one video at a time, and all of them appear in the download window, where you can track their progress.

You can not specify which format your videos download in, but it is extremely easy to convert them afterward. The program keeps all your downloads in a library, and you just right-click on the video you want to convert and select the format. All file conversations happen with in the program, while videos download in a separate window. Download Accelerator Plus can convert your downloads into most of the popular formats, such as MP3 and WMA for audio and AVI, MP4, MOV and MPEG for video.

Although the file format converter is convenient, this downloader can’t optimize your videos for specific devices. The best video downloader programs offer libraries of preprogrammed optimization profiles which tailors your downloads for specific devices such as smartphones, tablets or gaming systems.

With Download Accelerator Plus, you can look for videos directly in the software and quickly download the ones you want. Also, you can convert files by simply right-clicking on them and choosing from the software’s list of popular video and audio formats. The interface is simple to navigate and use which makes Download Accelerator Plus one of the best online video downloader programs.


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