GoPro Hero 8 Black Review

In the previous year, the Hero 7 Black was the biggest release of Go Pro for a long time. This device came with Hyper Smooth, which is a good type of electronic image stabilization so that users will not need a gimbal even when it comes to the roughest trail runs or rides. This is a useful improvement with electronic image stabilization and action cameras.

This year, the brand introduced its Hero 8 Black, which costs 400 dollars. The new invention is the first redesign since the Hero 5 released four years ago. This also has an integrated mount by which users can ditch the mounting frame. The camera also works with a lot of accessories called Mods, which can turn the device into an effective vlogging and storytelling tool.

What is more, there is Hyper Smooth 2.0, which is able to work throughout all frame rates and resolutions. When it comes to the design, it is remained similar to the predecessor but there is a hidden key functional advancement. On the bottom of the camera, there are two tabs which fold out to form the conventional Go Pro mounting hardware. With the predecessor, users had to put the camera into the case or frame if they want to utilize it with a mount.

Due to the fact that a Go Pro is always mounted to something such as a helmet or a selfie stick to capture moments, the Hero 8 is better than other devices as it is smaller. In addition, this also an added convenience regarding to accessing the memory card and battery without the need of removing a frame. Moreover, thanks to the new side door, customers do not even need to remove the camera from whatever it is placed to swap the battery or card. Although these are just minor improvements, it is worth because users will appreciate it more.

The lens is kept the same but now it is placed behind a protective glass which is thicker and harder than the old one. Thanks to this, the glass can not be removed or replaced. If you want to utilize filters, you should use a separate frame.


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