Ideal communication applications to download on iPhone in 2020

  1. Marco Polo

Marco Polo is a video chatting application specifically designed for busy people. Instead of having to wait until a group of friends are ready for a call, Marco Polo will allow users to record the video and send it out whenever they want to. Their friends can watch the videos live, or if they do not have time now, they can view later. Thanks to this, Marco Polo is an ideal choice for you to stay connected when normal text chats can not do.

  1. Discord

If you want to set up or join a chat group for a group of people who have common mindset, Discord is an ideal option for you to go with. This is a fully cross-platform by which you can switch from your phone to the computer and turn back without encountering any problems and it comes with all the features you want from a chat application. It even has a voice chat and you are able to attend groups quickly via a link. Thanks to this way, you can join your friends simply.

  1. Tinder

If you want to date with someone, Tinder is a wonderful choice. In spite of the fact that the app only shows others’ pictures and ages, it is interesting to give it a try. If someone thinks you are Hot, you can chat with them.

  1. Bumble

Bumble makes a new leap when it comes to web dating paradigm by encouraging women to make the first start. After being matching with someone, the woman will have 24 hours to send a message otherwise the match will expire.

  1. Coffee Meets Bagel

Coffee Meets Bagel seems to slow down things. This app will give you a bagel each day. This is a prospective partner who is supposed to suit your dating preferences. You will have 24 hours to choose whether to like or to pass and if both of you like each other, you can enter a private chat room to get to know more about each other.








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