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Although iDownload Manager is small, it is a powerful download manager utility for Windows. The best thing about the iDownload Manager is that it is available on the Windows Store which means that you don’t have to go through set-up or anything. Just click on the install link and it will be installed on your machine. It also means that even if you are using the Windows S version which restricts users to use only the Microsoft Store apps, you will be able to use this app. When it comes to features, iDownload Manager brings all the features that we have come to expect from a good download manager by now.

One of the major draws of iDownload Manager is speed. The app’s developer advertises it as being ten times faster than standard web browsers once it comes to download speeds. Results will vary from machine to machine but using the app to be extremely fast. Downloading shorter 1080p YouTube videos was practically instantaneous and longer 4K videos took less time.

iDownload Manager also manages multiple simultaneous downloads well. This causes the speed difference more apparent if you download a big number of files. The app can limit network usage if you need it to and also picks up downloads that are interrupted by network problem.

Having a dedicated app for downloads might seem like it would add a step to your workflow because you have to jump to a separate app, but it streamlines the experience.

iDownload Manager is simple to use and gets jobs done efficiently. When set up, you can download content automatically through the app any time you initiate a download or use the app as a destination for a download.

The apps’s download list and queue let you sort through your content and manage what’s being downloaded.

The interface is neat, with just a few icons on the left of the app. It also has the best bug report icon that I’ve ever seen. That’s important. Its download speeds are quick, its interface is impressive, and its integration with Edge is smooth. It makes it easy to download things directly from the web or by pasting a link.










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