With weird download format, performance issues and optional bundleware aside, JDownloader is superb for those who downloads big numbers of files. Besides, JDownloader is a simple, free way to download multiple files from hosting sites.

Download managers offer a rather different role than a few years back. They used to be about using simultaneous downloads to max out a weedy dialup connection, however with the majority of people enjoying high-speed broadband, this is less important. Now the focus is rather different.

JDownloader is a free and open source tool that helps it quicker and simpler to download files from hosting sites. This makes sense that the likes of Mega, Rapidshare and so on are no longer a pain – even if they feature irritations such as CAPTCHAS and time limits before download links can be clicked. JDownloader can automate the full process for you – just give the initial link and everything else will be taken care of for you. It offers features including: downloads can be paused and resumed, transfers can be scheduled, and as an added bonus the program is available for several platforms.

The download of JDownloader itself is a bit trouble because the installer is hosted on Mega, and is provided in RAR format. Mega tries to get you to install its own download software, and not everyone will get the software required to decompress the RAR file. On top of this, the installer tries to coax you into install Avast Antivirus software; it might be a perfect security tool, but bundleware like this is never welcome.

User experience

Although JDownloader may initially look a little intimidating, in practice it’s wonderfully easy to use. A clipboard monitor means that once you finish to copy a URL, it is automatically analyzed and added to the program. Thanks to this, you can set about collecting a big number of links and set them to download in one batch.

JDownloader is a real time saver thanks to the number of things it can automate for you, and the remote access choice is a very fine touch for monitoring large downloads while away from your computer. Decreasing hosted file downloads to a single click is praise-worthy indeed. The latest version of JDownloader features enhanced performance and several minor bug fixes.






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