New smart tech solution for hoteliers

It is undeniable that the hotel industry gets into a big trouble due to COVID-19 pandemic. Even the government has imposed travel bans and social distancing orders, we do not really know what will happen in the future.

However, the one point is that everyone all knows even when everything gets back to normal, they will be so far from what we have always considered to be normal. And of course, for the next period of time, guest health will become the major concern. This is the reason why facial-recognition technologies will become an indispensable part when it comes to eliminating the likelihood of exposure to the illness and keeping travelers’ mind in peace.

First and foremost, let’s begin with the check-in process. The old concept was that both guests and hotel staff needed to place their fingers on an object that other people might have touched before. As people part their vehicles, they will receive a paper ticket from a machine and then they will push the door open and give the doorman some money. They will go to the front desk at which they will give the receptionist a credit card, sign names and get a key. To get to their room, they will have to go to the elevator at which they press on the button to get into the lift and choose their floor. Finally, the guest will use the key to open the room door.

The key technology solution here is creating a digital fingerprint for each guest so that all transactions as well as interactions will be enabled before people arrive. This comes with creating a virtual wallet integrated with a facial recognition application. The most updated improvements in facial recognition have made this method become more secure, taking advantage of 3D technology to recognize people even when there is no light or their faces are covered with masks. Guests only need to take a photo of themselves on the phone then link it with a credit card or an ID card, add other information and so on. Finally, everything will be taken care easily.


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