Ninja Download Manager

Ninja Download Manager’s interface is a quite dark for your taste, but you can’t fault the features: NDM is a perfect download manager and accelerator. The download accelerator that won’t keep you waiting, really fast downloading, and sequential downloads can be previewed.

Firstly, you’ll mention about Ninja Download Manager is the way it looks: NDM looks more like Microsoft Edge, while lots of download managers go for the ‘Windows XP with extra ugly ads’ school of design. Its default look is very dark, but you can adjust that with the theme editor.

The reason apps such as Ninja Download Manager exist is to dominate giant downloads, if something goes wrong mid-download, some of which need to be completely restarted. Ninja Download Manager protects that from happening, enables you to pause and resume downloads whenever you like, and can control multiple downloads of the same file from many sources to enhance speed and reliability.

You can make the download plans, set download priorities and speed limits, and because files are downloaded sequentially – that means, from begin to finish, unlike in torrents – you can preview media while it’s still downloading. It supports video of up to 1080p resolution, and it knows how to get the right file from popular video sites such as YouTube and Vimeo.

There’s even a shredder to cover your tracks after files have been downloaded, but of course you won’t need that because these tools are for downloading content you have permission to download. So why shred? It’s a mystery.

User experience

If you’ve ever wished that all apps looked like the Windows 10 Control Panel then there is a good news for you: Ninja Download Manager’s interface couldn’t be any more Microsoft-y if it had Clippy from Microsoft Office performing the many dances of Steve Ballmer in it. It’s a little teenage for us but that’s personal preference. It’s otherwise clean and simple to navigate, and it’s easy to take advantage of features such as the built-in media converter and the speed limit option. Plus, Ninja Download Manager’s automatic virus scanning is a really handy thing to have.








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