Review Canon EOS M5

The most clear difference between the Canon EOS M5 and its old models is the electronic viewfinder. Similar to the OM-D series of Olympus, the EVF is located directly over the lens, which turns the camera’s appearance into a small DSLR. Generally, the compact design of this M5 model means that shooting position will be a little bit awkward for left eye photographers.

What is more, there is an integrated EVF while its predecessor needs an optional EVF sliding into the hot shoe. The resolution looks rather well on paper, whereas the articulating LCD of 1.62 million dots looks very great. Both color accuracy and sharpness turn up to be better on the LCD in comparison with the EVF.

The screen is able to tilt up by nearly 90 degrees and flip downward a full 180 degrees for easily taking selfies. Apart from all the physical controls, the screen is also responsive. There is nothing on the screen which can be done by a physical button or dial so that shooting in colder weather with gloves will be more convenient. Some other tasks such as navigating the menu system or choosing a focus point would be much more effective with the touchscreen. Thus, you can use it if necessary.

Furthermore, the screen also acts as a touch panel by which users are able to use and move the focus point even when framing via the EVF. The Canon EOS M5 brings about may good options to adjust how this function works, such as the capability to restrict the touch-sensitive region to a single area of the screen. Users have the ability to opt between absolute or relative response.

Whenever users touch on the screen, the focus point will make a move to the corresponding coordinates in the EVF no matter where it was before. Last but not least, relative setting is highly recommended as users are capable of dragging the focus point from its original destination no matter where your finger is about to touch on the screen. Canon EOS M5 is worth making an investment if you love photography.


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