Review of a new technology solution for hotel industry

Uniguest, a hospitality engagement technology vendor, has recently added a new interactive guestroom entertainment to its product line. The solution comes with high-quality media content throughout internet protocol networks via one app, which lets hoteliers to publish content and sync it properly to guestrooms or on screens.

First of all, the Guest Room Entertainment solution takes advantage of IP television to deliver television in a safe manner from different sources to any smart television on the property, which will be an easy way to add relevant content to such common places as elevators or lobbies apart from guestrooms. The content will be easily available via the interactive portal in guest rooms.

This kind of technology solution will also act as a tool generating revenue via its property-management system integration capability. Hotel operators are also able to create guest information pages in which they can buy room service, get promotions and so on. This technology also allows for true interactivity between guest and hotel via message or service ordering.

When it comes to offerings, the package from Uniguest comes with these following aspects. Firstly, the interactive IPTV portal offers properties the capability to set up a unique entertainment experience using information pages, message and service ordering together. Secondly, the guest information pages come with local and national news, live weather forecast and other data related to travel and airline. This kind of feature also works as a profit generator in which hoteliers are able to promote and update their services and facilities. Thirdly, the program from Uniguest can offer both metadata and program listings from a lot of different sources such as free to air, satellite and channels based on subscription.

Moreover, properties can manage channels by service group to decide which channels will be delivered to which room. Last but not least, integration with the leading property management systems in the world provides the chance to personalize program delivery for each customer. Hoteliers are also able to add extra features such as Chromecast functionality to offer specific content. This solution is powered by a content management system to easily create, control and personalize the entertainment offerings.


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