Review of some smart tech solutions newly released this year

It is undeniable that you will tend to make an investigation into reviews and integrates when considering a smart home solution. The reviews will let you know how effective or ineffective the technology is as well as other users’ feelings after using the device. On the other hand, the integration details will tell you how many products you can connect the system to.

When you are looking for integration information, you had better take into consideration that what smart devices you have already had and whether they can work with the system or not. In overall, if your devices can connect to work together effectively, your smart home experiences will be able to operate much more smoothly and effortlessly.

  1. The best cooking device: Perfect Bake Pro

If you are trying to learn how to balance the ingredients while making a cake, Perfect Bake Pro must be the device you are looking for. This smart device is able to provide you with recipes with the ingredients you have in the fridge.

You can scale the recipe automatically for the number of people or the amount of ingredients you have. Moreover, you can get a right shopping list from the recipes you want to make. Last but not least, you can make use of the bowl to measure your ingredients when you pour them into and it will notify when you should stop.

  1. The best television: LG Smart TV

This smart television from LG comes with different price depending on screen size and features. As you may have known, LG is among the companies integrating Alexa and Google Assistant into its smart products.

Purchasing a smart television, you can link all of your streaming services and other video systems into one place. Many smart televisions from LG also come with voice control abilities which will let you ask the TV to look for a movie or a program.

If you are just on the beginning of developing your smart home and looking for a basic smart TV, you can buy an LG television with 4K, Google Assistant and Alexa offerings for around 500 dollars to 900 dollars.



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