Smart tech solutions are revolutionizing hotel industry

  1. Mobile room keys

Currently, more and more hotels are providing their guests with approach through smartphone application. This is reducing the costs spent on printing plastic keycards which would be harmful to the environment. Also, there is no need to manage keycards which are vulnerable to loss.

  1. Smart Room Service

Smart occupancy sensors are really helpful as it helps hotels turn on menu notifications to smart phones at specific times when the guests are staying in their rooms. These notifications would also come with customized recommendations depended on the previous orders. Actually, many home food-delivery applications are currently using this technology to gain better customer experience.

  1. Smart marketing practices

Before hotels can offer a smart guest experience, they must bring guests through the doors. This is where smart marketing should be used. Data chances of smart technology is now bringing about a whole picture of the guests for hoteliers. Hotels can make analysis of the data generated about their guests to deliver better services later.

  1. Online Reputation Management Technology

A hotel’s online ratings are inevitably able to support hoteliers predict future bookings. What is more, they also come with valuable insight how well the service is being delivered. Thus, operators will keep on making investment into apps and platforms which help them control online reviews, keep track of their online reputation and finally take advantage of the feedback and reviews from guests to adjust services.

In conclusion, these trends are just the beginning of how technology is influencing on the hotel industry. Other smart technologies like customer surveys, smart loyalty program management are playing more important role in 2020 and in the upcoming future. The major thing to operate hotels better is to implement and adopt the right technologies that can satisfy guests’ expectations as well as hoteliers’ demands.

As we move toward the year of 2020, we can definitely look forward to seeing more hotel properties taking advantage of smart technological solutions in order to reduce different costs, improve guest experience and gain more profit. The opportunity lies with the data.



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