The best apps to download this year

The best entertainment apps that can be downloaded on both IOS and Android in 2020

Netflix seems not to be a strange name to users. This is among the best video streaming services apps currently. It has redefined the concept of the entertainment app development industry thanks to a wide variety of films, TV shows and Netflix original series. The video streaming app generates a special suggestion for the user basing on the previous films or shows they have watched.

Another ideal app to download in this category is Dubsmash, which is a social video app used to create, lip-sync videos with their favorite songs or conversations. Then they are able to share their results with friends or families on other platforms and messengers.

The last one is XBOX, which is the most popular gaiming app in 2020. This app lets users manage their Xbox one directly from the application, stay connected to the gaming community at any time and from anywhere, and purchase new games from the store. What is more, it also provides users with multi-user conversations in group messaging in order to connect the gamers in the gaming community. The function Xbox live will allow you to view what your friends are up to in within the gaming zone.

The best food and beverage apps in 2020

Ubereats is among the top online food delivery platforms that you should download, by which you can order food for anyone at any time and from anywhere. The users are capable of browsing the application depending on the restaurants, food or location. This app includes the tracking feature by which you can know how your order is processed.

Last but not least, we can not ignore the Instacart application, which aims to help users receive their groceries delivered at their home or any other place within just one hour. More precisely, the user can choose their favorite supermarket and order their groceries with just one click or even chat with the shopper instantly. With the group carts option, users are even able to shop simultaneously with friends, colleagues or families.


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