The best iPhone Apps to download for 2020

Even if you do not get Apple’s latest devices, the main reason for purchasing an iPhone is the wide variety of top apps which are available for the platform, including over 2 million apps and still counting.

  1. Kik

This app can be downloaded for free. Currently, many messaging apps will ask you to give up your phone number to people chatting with you, yet Kik only asks for a username. Moreover, with a bot store already coming with over 6 thousand bots, Kik is considered to be better than Facebook Messenger and Skype when it comes to artificial conversationalists, photo and video sharing and gaming.

  1. Mircrosoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is another free app, which is light and flexible enough to support nearly every email account you may have. The application is also integrated with a calendar by which you can check the important messages. Unlike other apps provided by Office Mobile, the Outlook iPhone app does not cost anything.

  1. Skype

Skype is also among the best free communication tools for the iPhone. This app will allow you to make video calls and send text messages with animated emojis. There is a good option of bots which can provide you with information while entertaining you. Thanks to Skype, users are able to call or chat with other Skype users without having to pay, or buy credit to call any other phone number or mobile.

  1. Snapchat

Another free communication app to download is Snapchat, which is a visual chat application with many funny things to enjoy if users can figure out its very unique interface. Snapchat should not be used as a private or safe messaging app. Instead, it is a simple platform by which users can swap funny visuals with their friends. Messages delivered via the app will disappear from the receiver’s phone after a short time. You can take a picture, draw or write anything on it and opt the time you want the receiver to view it and finally send away. This is a really convenient and fast way to interact interestingly with your friends.






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