The most downloaded apps in 2020

The most common business apps used in 2020

The first one is Slack, which is the most popular business application in terms of team collaboration and communication in both big companies and small entrepreneurs. Slack is able to support the users to manage their tasks, organize conversations basing on topics, projects, members and so on.

Thanks to Slack, your team members are now able to edit and share documents as well as make use of such services and tools belonging to Google Drive, Zendesk, Dropbox and so on.

Another ideal app in the category of business that you should download is Salesforce. In general, Salesforce app is an ideal assistance for business owners, employees and admin department to control the business process regardless of where they are. This business application offers approach to the productivity tools and current customizations in an easy manner. With Salesforce, a salesman can finish sales tasks and take actions quickly and easily.

Hot Schedules application is also a highly recommended app to download, whose major aim is to help collaborate and schedule the tasks. Your team members will be able to balance between work and life as well as update changes in the schedule easily thanks to Hot Schedules.

Trendy Education apps in 2020

For education category, there are many apps that should be downloaded on your phone. The first one is Coursera, which is a top education mobile app including over 2600 courses divided in to more than 11 topics. In this application, you can look for video lectures, assignments and certificates which can be accessed at any time and from anywhere. Coursera also offers paid courses and degrees with affordable prices.

Secondly, you can take a look at the Classplash app, which is considered to be a revolution in the music education thanks to a wide variety of educational mobile platforms. Classplash group now has four apps and each of them will aim to offer a unique way to learn music instruments. As you may not known, it has received over 6 awards including two from Microsoft Corporation.


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