The most ideal communication and messaging apps to download on your iPhone

  1. Houseparty

This is the biggest app in our global currently. The reason for this is that Houseparty helps people contact with their friends and family in a really easy way no matter where they are. Instead of depending on you to make calls and wait for other members to join, Houseparty features more casually. When you friends are online, Houseparty will send you notifications and allow you to join any ongoing calls if you want to or start one on your own. There are also games and quizzes to kill the time with your friends.

  1. GroupMe

For those who have joined a lot of different group chats, Group Me is a tool for them to control them all. Thanks to the application, users are able to simply add more people using their phone number and they can then start chatting without having to download the application. You can name your groups, set images and save photos or videos. There is a desktop version in case you are not using phone.

  1. Messenger

Messenger from Facebook service is also provided as a standalone application by which users are able to chat with their Facebook friends or anyone in their contacts who already has the app on their phones. More conveniently, you do not even need to be logged into Facebook to use the Messenger. The app is highly recommended for the huge volume of messaging which takes place through Facebook, although it is a little bit frustrating that the Facebook app no longer comes with messaging functionality.

  1. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is considered to be a great option for those who do not have unrestricted texting and spend much of their time connecting to Wi-Fi, which will allow them to send and receive messages, pictures, audio notes and video messages. It is among the most multi-functional chat apps on the current market and of course, you must download it if you chat regularly. In spite of being a worldwide sensation, most American people do not use it as it is a phenomenal application.







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