The most ideal photo editing applications that photography lovers should download in 2020

Photo Watermark

Photo Watermark shows its function directly from the name. It allows users to add watermarks to the pictures but which watermarks you can add are variable. Users are able to add custom text as a watermark such as changing the font, size and color as well as use their signature or any other hand-written text as a watermark by writing directly on the screen.

They also can add stickers, a location, a mosaic effect and so on. Whether they want to protect your photo, there is a feature that helps them just log when and where the photo was taken. Photo Watermark is free of charge but there may be a lot of adverts turning up. Paying just 1 dollar each month means that you can remove all of them.

StoryZ Photo Motion and Cinemagraph

StoryZ Photo Motion and Cinemagraph is a photo editing Android app in two sections. The first one is Ripple, a mode by which users can add motion to a static picture by drawing the area and direction that they hope the motion take places there. This is an ideal method to make it look like water or smoke is flowing.

Another mode is Motion, which helps users blend a video with a picture, resulting in an image which is both static and in both cases, it could be rather difficult to make the effect look like real, yet it is doable. Story Z also organizes a competition with specific themes such as sand or stairs. You can join by submitting a relevant creation. The best ones will be shown on the home page and competition page of the application.

You can make use of the application without spending but if you want to try more than the Free version, you can move to the StoryZ Premium, which is able to remove both adverts and watermarks with a monthly subscription. Also, the Premium version also increases the limited length of videos in Motion mode and allows you to save and share in higher resolution.


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