The most valuable Android apps that should be downloaded for editing photos

Doodle Lens

Doodle Lens may be like a gimmick but it is undeniable that the application is an interesting app to download. You can simply doodle something and then point the phone’s camera at the doodle from within the app, finally you are able to copy and paste it on top of the world around you thanks to augmented reality technology.

What is more, users are able to change the color of the doodle and even generate basic animations by duplicating different doodles and getting the app to cycle through them. After that, they can record and save the results. For the cost, you should pay around 2 dollars for this interesting platform.


Pixtica is among a lot of tools out there that can replace your phone’s default camera application. Camera apps are different from each other and their success relies on your phone model. However, Pixtica application is a decent option if you want to try something new.

More precisely, the app comes with full of features such as numerous filters, a GIF recorder, manual controls and some others such as the Planet mode, which is aimed at warping pictures in to a shape of a sphere by using the advanced stereo graphic projection algorithm that can only be found on Pixtica.

There are all kinds of other modes as well, whether you are capturing photos or recording video, the app can work effectively. Nevertheless, while many functions do not charge any cost, users need to pay to unlock higher resolutions or remove watermarks when using filters.


Scribbl is a photo editing app by which users can add more animations to their photos. Within the platform, there are a lot of colors you can pick and a wide variety of ways that they can be animated. Users are able to pick exactly where they turn up on their pictures and how large they should be.

The basic application is free but with a monthly subscription, users can remove advertisements and unlock extra customization features as well as removing the Scribbl watermark.


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