The most valuable apps to download on your Android device in 2020

As you can see, the Android experts have made effort to integrate the Google Play Store with the most valuable Android apps, which have put them through the paces and picked only those which are really special.

This article is made after an app test was done for the whole Play Store, including camera apps and photo editors, health and fitness platforms that help improve users’ wellbeing, and security and customization tools to personalize your phone.

The following apps will keep on being updated and are both paid and free ones that have been picked by experts. Thus, if you even spend some cash getting one of them, you know that your spending is worth.

Women Who Changed the World

First and foremost, the app costs around 3 dollars or 3 pounds. As you may clearly know, women often get a raw deal in history and their achievements are less mentioned or spoken than those of the men. This app called Women Who Changed the World aims to change the status by celebrating and teaching users about some of the most significant women in history. Some of them are Rosa Parks, Amelia Earheart and so on. Their life and achievements are put in details through interact stories with illustrations and narration. This app is mainly aimed at children, with its lovely art and demonstrations but more importantly, the histories it teaches are valuable and necessary to them.

Glitch Lab

Glitch Lab comes with both free and paid options. This is a photo editor coming with full of digital glitch effects. You may have used similar apps before but if you are looking for something more glitchy or retro for your images, this must be the app you should download. There are more than 100 effects in this platform and many of them can be customized by users so that you do not need to worry if your pictures may look like others’.

Finally, users are even able to use the app to generate a picture from scratch thanks to a number of effects and tweaks.


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