The top mobile app development trends of 2020

As you may have known, the mobile app industry has been revolutionized the business for a long time. No matter how the business domain would be, each company is in need of integrating the newest mobile application development technologies to reach the maximum growth while achieving the targeted audience. It is undeniable that the mobile app industry is among the leading fields which are growing really quickly.

The mobile app industry has been reshaping the business for years now. Regardless of the business domain, every organization needs to integrate the latest mobile application development technologies to garner maximum growth and multiply the means to reach the targeted audience. After making an analysis of the mobile app industry, the experts have decided the top mobile app technology trends which are about to turn up in 2020.

The emergence of Beacon Technology

First and foremost, the Beacon technology is the first mobile application development trend which is really important and is now used by such industries as hotels, healthcare, museums and so on. This is because the technology can be so helpful when it comes to location technology and proximity marketing. Thanks to its convenience, a normal user is able to get used to it easily.

Beacons are wireless transmitters using Bluetooth technology to deliver signals. This is necessary to exchange information for sales.


Application Performance Management, which is also known as APM and Enterprise Mobile Management, which is shortly written as EMM are the two major factors of the enterprise mobile app development process for years.

APM is the mobile metrics integrated into Google four years ago. It is able to remove the snag which influences on the app performance so that APM can help boost the overall efficiency in performance. Thanks to this, APM is widely used to assure quality for the apps.

On the other hand, Enterprise mobility management is a platform letting companies enable mobile devices which are being used by the employees in a secure manner. This is an ideal way to streamline the business process by supporting mobile computing.


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