Which are the apps that should be downloaded in 2020?

The best health and fitness platforms to download in 2020

First of all, Sleep cycle app makes use of sound analysis sleep tracking to manage your sleep pattern and wakes up naturally. The user is able to check their daily sleep graph and statistics as well as compare his to others’ in order to know whether they have good sleep habits or not. This app can be used ideally with the Apple Watch as well.

Otherwise they can have a try with the My Fitness Pal application. This is also a top Health and fitness platform with over 350 exercises and workouts. After downloading, the users can quickly input their exercise pattern and daily step. The app can be linked to other devices and apps such as Fitbit, Jawbone UP, Garmin and so on. To motivate the users daily, the app offers progress charts and graphs for users to follow.

Calm is regarded as the happiest application in the world. It is the best trending app which is worth downloading for meditation and mindfulness. In other words, the users can keep their mind in peace thanks to the application. Calm has exclusive music, which is aimed at support users to concentrate, sleep and relax. The app has 7 day and 21 programs for both advanced users and beginners.

The best online shopping applications in India and USA

As you may have known, Amazon app is an international shopping platform in which there is almost everything you need. The application offers easy payment options such as local currency, cash on delivery and international credit cards and so on. You are able to compare the price quickly and check if the products are still available to purchase. Currently, the app has been integrated with the two new features including visual and voice shopping.

Finally, let’s download the app. This automobile application development allows users to sell and buy new or used cars and trucks. You can set the filters and sorting options in order to narrow down your choices while considering thousands of vehicles.


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