Which cameras should be chosen for your next trip

The most ideal instant travel camera: Leica Sofort

From the release of Polaroid One Step 2 to the Fujifilm Instax Mini LiPlay, Instant cameras are now more popular with different sizes and types.

However, it may be undeniable to say that none of them is as stylish as the Leica Sofort. First and foremost, this Sofort comes with a complicated design while actually it is just a standard Instax Mini camera.

Its f/12.7 aperture will bring about really sharp pictures and the lens of 60 millimeters is versatile enough to generate a wide variety of styles, yet this is not just the only one factor that makes it become an ideal camera. Of course, when you are on your holiday, you should have a good time. Especially when you are travelling with your children, instant photography is always a funny activity. It is able to capture every moment of your family and let you see immediately. This device from Leica is different from other instant cameras is that users will look like a real photographer when using it.

The best travel camera with superzoom: Nikon Coolpix P1000

The P1000 model, which is manufactured by Niko, offers an equivalent focal length range of 24-3,000mm thanks to its 125x zoom.

This is a really surprising factor. In spite of the fact that the camera is considered to be a point-and-shoot device, its massive optics which is needed for that lens will push the camera to weigh over 3 pounds. While that is not exactly portable like other cameras, users will not find any other device with that much zoom power. Nikon provides users with the ideal image stabilization on the device so that users are able to deal with that lens without having to use a tripod.

Of course, the light condition should be enough and users need to be patient. To put in a conclusion, if you are looking for a camera which is able to shoot everything from wide angles to close-ups, this one is an ideal option for you.


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